About the GK-12 Program

  • Partner teachers and science graduate students to make an exceptional science teaching team
  • Give teachers enhanced exposure to science topics
  • Train participants, both teachers and Fellows, in inquiry-based science experiments
  • Leave lasting impression and feeling of confidence towards science for teachers involved
  • Enhance scientific learning for students in grades 3 through
  • Teachers from Columbus Public Elementary Schools in grades 3rd- 5th are selected through application process to join program
  • The GK-12 program recruits new teachers from new schools each year in order expand science exposure throughout the Columbus Public School District as well as districts around Columbus
  • Graduate students from the College of Math & Physical Sciences and the College of Engineering apply and are selected to be Fellows
  • The Fellows are paired with two teachers who then become a Teacher/Fellow team for the academic year
In the Classroom
  • Fellows are present in the classroom from late September to June
  • Each Fellow spends ten hours a week within the classroom, teaching and assisting the classroom teacher with inquiry-based science topics
  • Teachers and Fellows agree on specific science times when science lessons will be given each week
  • Teachers participating in the program are asked to collaborate with the Fellows during the lesson development process, as well as on planning time outside of class
  • Fellows utilize resources available to them, including the GK-12 office which has materials and supplies, as well as the GK-12 Lessons Page, where past lessons are posted
  • Teachers eventually take over more responsibility in leading science lessons as they become more confident in scientific topics
Other Requirements
  • There are weekly meetings that the Fellows attend in order to exchange ideas, share lessons and communicate with the administrators
  • Fellows and teachers are required to attend two Professional Development workshops as well as two Focus meetings during the year
  • Professional Development workshops are held on official PD days and are organized through Columbus Public Schools
  • Focus meetings give the teachers, Fellows, and principals from each school an opportunity to interact and share progress and ideas with participants from other schools
Year at a Glance
  • Summer before school year starts there is a 3-day workshop to train teachers and Fellows about inquiry-based science
  • Fellows observe classroom setting during September in order to familiarize themselves with elementary class setting
  • First lesson plan is given by first week in October
  • During the fall the first Professional Development workshop takes place (specific date determined by Columbus Public Schools)
  • First Focus meeting occurs in January
  • Second Professional Development workshop takes place in winter
  • Second Focus meeting takes place in May