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3rd Grade Lessons
Life Science Tools of the Trade Force and Motion Technology and Design Rocks
  Animal Classification   Ball Launcher   Centrifugal Force   Build a Card Tower   Inferring Rocks
  Classification   Evaluating Observations   Forces   Building a Bridge   Rock Cycles
  Classification of Objects   Length Measurement   Friction A B       Rocks & Minerals
  Classifying Animals   Volume Measurement   Gears       Mohs Hardness
  Classifying with a Dichotomous Key   Making Measurement   Gravity       Observing Rocks
  Cycle Sequence of Events   Measuring Bubbles   Inclined Plane A B C       Making Animal Fossils
  Mealworm Cycles   Measuring Mass   Inclined Plane & Lever        
  A Day's Cycle   Measuring Objects   Levers        
  Butterfly Life Cycles   Tools of the Trade   Marshmallow Launch        
  Life Cycles   Standardized Measuring   Pulleys A B     Soil
  Living & Nonliving A B   Tools for a Data Table   Screws       Soil Types
  Plants in Changing Environment   Using a Balance & Ruler   Simple Machines Stations      
  Fossils Cookie Dig   Communicate Your Findings   Wheel & Axle      
  Fossils and Our Past   Describing Physical Features   Motion      
  Making Fossils   Time to Roll   Newton's 1st Law      
  Polar Bear Adaptations       Newton's 2nd Law      
  Life Cycle Jeopardy       Marshmallow Launch Design      
  Yummy Adaptations       Tug of War      
  Mighty Mealworms       Gravity Works      
  Animal Classification              


4th Grade Lessons

Weather & Atmosphere Nature of Matter   Changes in Earth's Surface Plants
  Cloud & Weather Patterns   Alka Seltzer Cannons Ohio Changes   Cold as Ice   Basic Needs of Plants WS
  Exploring Weather Websites   Biscuit Chemical Changes Physical & Chemical Changes A B   Cracked Marbles   Dichotomous Key with Plants
  Forecasting Weather   Blizzard Ice Cream Changes Refrigeration   Erosion & Weathing   Photosynthesis
  Making a Rain Gauge   Change It Rock Candy Physical Change   Erosion of Fossils   Plant Cycle
  Making Hail   Changes in Matter Same but Different   Freezing Cracks   Plant Life Cycle
  Meet the Scientist   Chemical of Physical Change Science Experiments A B   Grand Canyon   Plants in Changing Environments
  Meteorologist for a Day   Condensation Slimy Physical Changes   Making a Cave   Plants of the Past
  Naming the Clouds   Dancing Kernels Snowflake Crystals   Observation or Inference   Research Plants of Past
  Temperature & Weather   Density A B Solid, Liquid, & Gas   Smooth it Out   Eggs, Seeds, and the Avocado Pit
  Weather   Densor Sensor Spagetti Physical Change   Volcanic Eruptions   Do the Carbon Cycle
  Weather Maps Discover Physical Changes States of Matter A B Water Causes Weathering   Leaf Me Aloe
  Weather: Piecing it all Together Discover Chemical Changes Strange States of Matter Water Speed & Erosion   Leaf Me Aloe Continued
  What Should I Wear Today Evaporation Penny Factory Weathering   Dandelions Everywhere
  Wind Vane Ice Cream Physical Change Water Cycle Weathering Rocks   Plant Growth Challenge
  Cloud Types & Their Weather Making Toffee What's the Matter? Wind Erosion   Plant Part Pizza
  Little Globes and the Earth Ohio Physical & Chemical Changes Chem. Change: Diet Coke & Mentos Winds of Destruction   Stop Photosynthesis
  Syringes, Pressure, & Denisty   Chemical Change with Yeast Balloons   Physical & Chemical Changes   Plants & Erosion    
  Wind Direction   Rotten Bananas Chemical Change       Physical Weathering    
              Fossilized Fudge   Changes in Earth's Surface (continued)
              Volatile Volcanoes   Volcanic Eruption
              Glaciers: Modes of Erosion   Wind Erosion
              Glaciers: Icy Bulldozers   Glaciers & Erosion

5th Grade Lessons

Ecosystems   The Earth & Space Recycle, Reuse, & Technology
  Animal's Survival   Cactus Adaptations Moon Phases Building a Bridge
  Basic Needs A B C   Dirty Downstream Seasons Human Impact
  Birdfeeders   Influence of Dynamics on a Biome Shadows Oil Spills
  Camoflauge   Plant Survival Guide Reasons for Seasons Story Problems
  Carrying Capacity   Flows of Energy through an Ecosystem Day and Night Tower Challenge
  Changing Environments   Preparing for Winter Rotation Water Cycle
  Floristic Relay Game   Exploring a Freshwater Ecosystem   Earth's Orbit and Gravity   Decomposers: Microbial Garden
  Floristic Game Background   Forest Ecosystem   Earth's Revolution   Yeast & Decomposing Bananas
  Floristic Game Board & Cards   Freshwater Ecosystem   Scaled Solar System   Greener Cleaner
      Kill Terrariums   Earth is a Watery Planet   It's A Dirty Job
      We Need Our Space   Earth's Orbit   Miniature Oceans
      What is a Biome?   Phases of the Moon  
  Food Webs & Chains       Building a Sundial   Pollution and the Sick Salmon
  Food Web Light and Sound Nature of Energy   Recycled Paper
  Mice & Worms Camo   Good Vibrations   Electricity    
  Plant Dependencies Sound Helmet   Forms of Energy   Nature of Energy (continued)
  Producers & Enerygy Transfer   Laser Reflections   Potential Energy   Insulators on a Graph
  Reactions to Environments   Prisms and CDs   Simple Circuit   Light it Up with a Closed Circuit
  Recyclers   Tuning Fork Vibrations   Making Thermometers   Popcorn Heat it Up
  Recyclers Revisited       Therminator   Soapy Convection Pie
  Respiration & WS       Balloons in Cold Temperatures   Ice Cube Challenge
  Sources of Energy       Convection Currents    
  Succession       Warm Polar Animals    
  What I Ate Today       Conduction Game   Science Fair
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